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Mitsugi Saotome Sensei - Books in english

Title: Aikido - Living by Design
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 0-941738-16-4

excerpts (book)
...“Looking at a piece of natural wood, one person sees firewood. Looking at the very same piece of wood, another person sees an image and carves a beautiful piece of art. People may see the piece of wood in my hand as ugly, but I see beautiful chapes in it.”
… “My childhood experience didn’t include any plastic toys. Everything I played with was natural and constructed by my own hand. My grandfather taught me how to deal with simple things, like pieces of bamboo. I never thought of going to a store and buying toys.”
… “My father and grandfather worked with wood. They were self-sufficient farmers who lived very economical lives. They didn’t throw anything away. If they burned wood for cooking, they kept the ash. They made garbage into compost, putting it back into the earth – recycling. I think that this very old, very simple wisdom will be the salvation of the world.
… “Now people are slaves to business. They don’t cook very much. They buy takeout food at delis. For them, life is a hassle – everything is rush, rush, rush. This will destroy human happiness and peacefulness.”
… “Modern industrialization wastes material. There is no divine spirit or universal appreciation. But spirit and appreciation are the salvation of the future.”
… “Nature has many good things, not just one. In the environment, there are poisonous snakes, predators, and dangerous animals. The natural word is not made up only of docile animals like horses, cows, and sheeps.”
… “So students of Aikido must learn the principle of Budo: takemusu aiki. It requires creativity to learn how to take care of things and how to fight hostile forces. We must take responsibility for ourselves. We must begin to see that experiencing the creative force in life and caring for living beings is the charge of the warrior as well as the farmer. We must see that, in fact, the warrior and the farmer are the same.”


Title: The Principles of Aikido
Publisher: Shambhala Publications
ISBN: 0-87773-409-7

“Aikido teaches a simple secret: the development of a better life is dependent on bettering yourself. Aikido offers no miracles except the miracle of your own existence and your human potential. Remember that you are a part of the universe. To ruin your life or waste it is to ruin a piece of universe. With your birth you hold the key that opens the door to heaven. The most important duty in each person’s life is to use that key and to make his or her life a manifestation of the heaven that it lies within our power to create.”     Mitsugi Saotome


Title: Aikido and the Harmony of Nature
Publisher: Shambhala Publications

Here is a unique approach to the teachings of the Founder of Aikido, Morihei Ueshiba, as interpreted by his direct student of fifteen years. Mitsugi Saotome examines the spiritual philosophy of the Founder, the warrior ideals of feudal Japan as the basis of his martial arts philosophy, and the scientific principles underlying the philosophy of Aikido technique.
The author shows that the physical movement of Aikido is the embodiment of principles of the spirit. Negative force is not countered with aggression but is controlled and redirected through the power and balance of spiral movement. This is the shape of Aikido and the dynamic shape at the foundation of all energies of existence. Aikido movement can only be understood from its roots in universal law and the processes of nature. The sincere practice and study of Aikido deepens our appreciation for the perfection of nature's balance and brings us back into harmony with our environment, other people, and ourselves.
Abundantly illustrated with the author's drawings, diagrams, and calligraphies, as well as photographs demonstrating Aikido techniques, the book also offers a history of Aikido, personal anecdotes about the Founder, and translations of several of his lectures.


Title: Light on Transmission

Publisher: Cedar Forge (2015)
ISBN: 1936672987

A Light on Transmission is the unique account of Mitsugi Saotome's personal experiences and development as a live-in student under Morihei Ueshiba, the Founder of Aikido. As one of the last surviving live-in students of the post war era, Saotome Sensei sheds an historically significant light on what it was like to learn from and live with one of the greatest martial artists and sages of modern times. The lessons and stories contained in this book provide a lovingly told window into a bygone era and will be of interest not only to Aikido practitioners and students of martial arts but to anyone taking up the question of how the highest levels of art and culture are passed from one generation to the next.


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Mitsugi Saotome Sensei - Book in japanese

Title: DenshoÌ" no tomoshibi : AikidoÌ" kaiso ueshiba morihei no oshie
Publisher: Sagamihara 2011
ISBN: 4904464311

Mitsugi Saotome Sensei - Libri in Italiano

Libri: Aikido. La via del budo. I principi dell'aikido
Editore: Edizioni Mediterranee
ISBN: 8827211047

Discepolo diretto del Fondatore dell'Aikido Morihei Ueshiba per quindici anni, Mitsugi Saotome espone in quest'opera i principi e le tecniche fondamentali dell'Aikido, quali sono stati insegnati dallo stesso Ueshiba. Nelle pagine introduttive l'Autore chiarisce in maniera essenziale i fondamenti spirituali che sottendono alla pratica. Anche tutte le tecniche sono da lui spiegate con grande immediatezza, con l'ausilio di ben 1000 fotografie. Mitsugi Saotome, esponendo la filosofia e la pratica di questa arte marziale, ne sottolinea gli elementi di armonia e di capacità di risoluzione pacifica dei conflitti. Oltre mille fotografie illustrano le principali tecniche di base, incluse quelle con la spada di legno, il bastone di legno, e quelle a mani nude. Il lettore troverà in quest'opera una guida per avvicinarsi attraverso le proprie capacità fisiche, mentali e spirituali alla pratica dell'Aikido al fine di applicare la sua saggezza nella vita quotidiana. Il testo comprende diverse citazioni del Fondatore stesso.

Mitsugi Saotome Sensei - Libros en Español (Castellano)

Título: Los principios del Aikido
Editor: Paidotribo (2006)
ISBN: 8480196114

Mitsui Saotome, un estudiante de Moreihei Ueshiba, el fundador del Aikido, explica la filosofía y la práctica del popular arte marcial que pone énfasis en la armonía y en la resolución pacífica de los conflictos. Más de mil fotografías ilustran los principios y técnicas básicos, incluido el uso de la espada de madera, el palo de madera y las técnicas de “mano vacía”.
Al lector se le dan orientaciones sobre las actitudes físicas, mentales y espirituales apropiadas con las que enfocar esta práctica, y los modos de aplicar la sabiduría del Aikido a la vida diaria.


Título: Aikido - O la armonía de la naturaleza
Editor: Editorial Kairós (2002)

He aquí el libro más claro, profundo e inspirado que se ha escrito sobre aikido y, en último término, sobre cualquier otro arte marcial. El movimiento físico que requiere el aikido es también una energía espiritual. A través de la práctica conseguiremos armonizar nuestra vida con el entorno, con nuestros semejantes y con nosotros mismos. El libro está profusamente ilustrado con dibujos, diagramas y fotografías del autor, uno de los poquísimos maestros que recibieron la enseñanza directa de Morihei Ueshiba, fundador de este avanzado arte. 

Mitsugi Saotome Sensei - Livres en français

Titre: Aïkido - Nature et Harmonie
Edition: Sedirep
ISBN: 2-9015-5129-7

Celui qui cherche avec ce livre un ouvrage technique sur les mouvements d’aïkido sera déçu car ce livre ne parle pas de techniques mais du fond de la pratique. Mitsugi Saotome, un des plus grands maîtres japonais de notre époque, nous livre, avec cet ouvrage remarquable, sa vision personnelle de l'aïkido telle qu’il l’a élaborée durant les quinze années passées auprès du Fondateur. Il espère ainsi laisser le lecteur pénétrer l'univers de son maître à travers les grands principes de l'aïkido.
Univers, vérité, équilibre, justice, évolution, transmission, réalité, harmonie et, bien sûr, nature sont les sujets qui lui tiennent le plus à coeur et qu’il développe, comme l'harmonie, l'équilibre de la nature, la recherche de la vérité, sont remarquablement illustrés par les techniques fondamentales de l'aïkido. Illustré par près de cinq cents photographies, ce livre est un des piliers de l’aïkido japonais.
Mitsugi SAOTOME est un élève direct du fondateur Morihei Ueshiba. Né le 9 mars 1937, Maître Saotome a commencé son étude des arts martiaux à 16 ans par le judo où il se distingua en figurant à la première place de la compétition de Tokyo. Il commence l’aïkido en 1955, à l’âge de 18 ans, et entre comme uchideshi à l’Aikikai So Hombu de Tokyo en 1958 où il suivra les enseignements du fondateur, Morihei Ueshiba, jusqu’au décès du maître en 1969. Il est ainsi l’un des derniers uchideshi de Ô-sensei.
En 1960, il devient instructeur à l’Aikikai Hombu Dôjô puis shihan et instructeur en chef pour l’enseignement des armes. En 1975, Maître Saotome quitte sa position privilégiée au Hombu Dôjô, avec l’assentiment de Kisshômaru Ueshiba, et part enseigner aux États-Unis d’Amérique. Il fonde alors une association, l’Aikido Schools of Ueshiba, qui regroupe aujourd’hui 127 dojos, et exerce des responsabilités à la Fédération américaine d’aïkido. Son école d’attache est l’Aikidô Shrine Dôjô, nouvellement construit en Floride, à Myakka City, près de Sarasota où il réside. Il oeuvre actuellement à la création d'une université internationale pour la formation de professeurs d’aïkido. Depuis 1991, il anime chaque année un stage en France, au Vigan dans le Gard.


Titre: Les Principes de l’Aïkido
Edition: Allo Sport
ISBN: 2-9516124-2-7

“En vérité, l’Aïkido enseigne un secret très simple: Pour améliorer votre vie, il faut vous améliorer vous-même. L’Aïkido n’offre aucun miracle autre que le miracle de votre propre existence et de votre potentiel humain. Rappelez-vous que vous appartenez à l’univers. Si vous détruisez ou gâchez votre vie, vous détruisez une partie de l’univers. À la naissance, vous avez dans la main la clé qui ouvre les portes du paradis. La tâche la plus importante dans la vie de chacun est d’utiliser cette clé pour que sa vie devienne une manifestation du paradis qu’il a le pouvoir de créer.“ Mitsugi Saotome

Mitsugi Saotome Sensei - Livro em português

Aikido e a Harmonia da Naturaleza
Português / Brasil
Editora: Pensamento (1997)
ISBN: 8531510228

Eis uma singular abordagem dos ensinamentos do fundador do Aikidô, Morihei Ueshiba, interpretados por alguém que estudou diretamente com ele durante quinze anos. Mitsugi Saotome analisa neste livro a filosofia espiritual de Ueshiba, os ideais guerreiros do Japão feudal (base da filosofia das artes marciais) e os princípios subjacentes à filosofia do Aikidô.
O autor mostra que os movimentos do Aikidô são a materialização dos princípios espirituais. A força do oponente não é enfrentada com a agressão, mas controlada e redirecionada graças ao poder e equilíbrio de um movimento em espiral. Essa é a forma do Aikidô, a forma dinâmica que se encontra na base de todas as energias da vida. O ritmo do Aikidô só pode ser compreendido a partir de suas raízes na lei universal e nos processos da natureza. A prática e o estudo sinceros do Aikidô aumentam o nosso apreço pela perfeição do equilíbrio que vemos na natureza e levam-nos de volta à harmonia com o meio ambiente, com as outras pessoas e com nós mesmos.
Ricamente ilustrado com desenhos do próprio autor, com diagramas, caligrafias e fotografias demonstrando as técnicas desta arte marcial, este livro também oferece a história dessa prática, anedotas pessoais sobre o fundador do Aikidô e a tradução de várias de suas palestras.